Announcing Cambridge-OPOLY!
CambridgeopolyThe Cambridge Area Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Board and Furnas County Visitors Bureau have teamed up to bring you Cambridge-OPOLY -- a fun game to kick off the holiday shopping season!

The game is simple. Watch for your official game board and one scratch ticket (courtesy of the City) with your next City billing statement. You can also pick up a game board at the City Office or Cobblestone Hotel. Each time you make a purchase of $5 or more at a participating Cambridge-OPOLY location, you will receive 1 scratch ticket. Your scratch ticket will either reveal a prize, a property deed or a “sorry play again.” If you supersize your single purchase by spending $25 or more, you will receive an extra scratch ticket which increases your odds of winning!

If you make any transaction at a bank location, you will receive 1 scratch ticket. If you go into the City Office to pay your bill, you will receive 5 scratch tickets. (Bill must be paid in full. Can be in-person; if paid online, stop by the office to verify payment and you will receive your 5 tickets.)

Receive 1 ticket for every 5 canned goods/box goods to be donated to the Food Pantry; receive 2 tickets for each new toy donation for the Lion's Club toy drive. You can drop these items off at the City Office. Donations will only be accepted until December 14 for the Lion’s Club.

If your scratch ticket has a property deed, save it until you have all 4 property deeds of the same color. The first person to have all 4 deeds of the same color will receive $200 in Chamber Bucks. There are 8 property blocks with the potential of earning $1,600 in Chamber Bucks! (Must be 18 or older to claim property block prizes.) The game ends once all 8 property block prizes are claimed. Turn in your group of property deeds at the City Office for prize redemption.

And, save your “sorry play again” tickets, write your name and phone number on the back, then turn them in at the City Office, Supermarket or Anew for another chance to win one of 32 drawings for $25 in Chamber Bucks!

Have fun and good luck!