The Basics:

ELECTRIC: A $300 security deposit is required for all electrical services. Residential monthly minimum charge is $11.
WATER: $27.50 minimum plus $1.70 per thousand gallons used
SEWER: $30 minimum plus $1.75 per thousand gallons used (based on average gallons water used.)
TRASH: $16.49 fee per month for weekly service

Make an online payment in PayPort: https://cambridgene.frontdeskgworks.com

Questions? Call 308-697-3711.
On-call number for down utilities: 308-697-3718
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                        Utilities Supervisor



Sewer Plant

Photo of Greg Howerter
Utility Employee
Utility Employee


Annual average water demand in Cambridge is about 180,000 gallons per day. The City of Cambridge is part of the BIC (Bartley, Indianola, Cambridge) Water Agency, which provides water to all three communities from a common well field located north of Bartley. This water system includes three wells, ground storage, a booster station, and water lines that provide water to each of the communities' master meter pits. This joint agency, formed in 2008, is a money-saver and great asset for all three communities. The City of Cambridge did keep one well by the highway, known as 83-1, for emergency use. 


The City of Cambridge owns and operates the collection system, a lift station, and an extended air-oxidation ditch wastewater treatment facility. The collection system flows to the lift station via a 12-inch PVC sewer main that was upgraded in 2004. The treatment facility, most recently upgraded in 2005, provides treatment through an oxidation ditch, aerated bio-solid digesters, drying beds, and ultraviolet disinfection prior to discharging to the Republican River.

Electrical & Natural Gas

The City of Cambridge receives power from Twin Valleys Public Power District , which is served by a 69KV, three-phase transmission line owned by the Nebraska Public Power District. The city constructed a 4 MW generator system in 2006,  which now services the city and the adjacent ethanol plant. The city also recently invested $150,000 on air emissions, using catalytic converters. A number of distributors provide natural gas to Cambridge residents and businesses, which make an annual selection as to which provider they will use for the coming year.