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View of downtown Cambridge, NEYou can get just about anything you need from local businesses in Cambridge. In fact, for a town of just 1.34 square miles and fewer than 1,100 residents, Cambridge has exceptional business activity. And if you don't find exactly what you need, most businesses here are willing to place a special order for you. They'll go the extra mile for you so you don't have to drive the extra miles to get what you need!

To give you a sense of the activity here, Cambridge has three banks; a supermarket; a hotel, and historic bed & breakfast; a corn-processing facility; multiple retail boutiques; a floral shop/boutique combo; great cafes, restaurants and bars; a general store; a modern hospital; a number of automotive- and diesel-service options; two auto-sales outlets; three hair / nail salons; several insurance agencies;  a thrift store; a bowling alley/restaurant, a real-estate office; physical therapy and chiropractic; senior living; assisted living; nursing home; low-income housing; six churches; and the list goes on. (A wonderful library and tremendous museum are listed under the "Things to Do" tab, and pharmacy, dental and health and safety businesses are listed under the "Services" tab, too.)

Most of these businesses are locally owned. Take the time to see what's available in this progressive and vital Nebraska rural community and stop in to see how they can serve your needs!

Click on the category you'd like from the list in the directory to the left to see what's available. Or just peruse the entire list to get more familiar with what you can find right here in Cambridge, Nebraska. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Unless otherwise noted, all businesses are in Cambridge, NE 69022. If you find errors or want to provide updates to listings, please send an email to [email protected] or call the City of Cambridge at 308-697-3711.