Our Mission

To focus our efforts on attracting new families to Cambridge by promoting our school, career opportunities, health care, affordable housing, and recreation. To coordinate resources to support the following goals:

1. To create a dynamic entrepreneurial climate to leverage our technology infrastructure, diversify our businesses and economy, revitalize our retail sector, and enhance our agricultural and tourism opportunities.

2. To develop strong and positive community leadership representative of all age groups, interest groups, male and female, established leaders, and new community members.

3. To make an impacting community connection with our youth before they graduate to encourage and support the possibility of them returning home.

4. To achieve a coordinated effort for local philanthropy and build a community development foundation that will provide financial resources for future generations.

In 2006, Cambridge voters approved LB 840 and Cambridge's Economic Development Plan, two measures that empower Cambridge to control its destiny. The Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act (LB 840) authorizes communities to collect and appropriate local tax dollars for economic development purposes. The Cambridge Economic Development plan is the basis under which the Economic Development Program operates.