Work in Cambridge

Cambridge is more than just the rural standard when it comes to economic growth. Working in Cambridge also brings the best aspects of living in a small town: zero commute, a low cost of living and high civic engagement. You have the time, resources and community connections which can truly make you happy.

A Great Place to Do Buisness!

From the high-tech Pinpoint headquarters and Cambridge Telephone Company Fiber-to-the-Home Project to the high-touch Farmer’s Market and Tri Valley Heath System $22+million new hospital, Cambridge businesses are thriving in our dynamic rural setting. The business climate is strong—showing steady growth for the past two decades and an unprecedented 50% growth rate in 2008 resulting from the completion of an ethanol production business, among other factors. The momentum of growth is expected to continue with the positive outlook of our agricultural economy, the opportunities presented by technology business development, a new 77-acre commercial and residential development area, and a downtown revitalization project. If you are looking for the perfect place to start a new business, Cambridge is it!