The City of Cambridge formed the BIC Joint Water Agency with the communities of Indianola and Bartley in 2008. The new sources of water enters the city adjacent to the 200,000 gallon elevated storage tank located in northwest Cambridge. The annual average water demand is about 180,000 gpd with a design peak flow of 972,000 gpd. For more information call 308.697.3711

Sanitary Sewer
The City own and operates the collection system, a lift station, and an extended air oxidation ditch wastewater treatment Facility. The collection system flowers to the lift station via a 12" PVC sewer main that was upgraded in 2004. For more information call 308.697.3711

Stormwater Drainage
Storm sewers are located in the newly constructed Harvest Meadows subdivision and one block north and south of highway 6/34. The storm sewer drains to Medicine Creek. For more information call 308.697.3711

Electrical and Natural Gas
The City receives power from Twin Valleys Public Power district which is served by a 69KV, three phase transmission line owned by NPPD. The City constructed a 4 MW generator system, in 2006, which services the City and the adjacent ethanol plant. For more information call 308.697.3711. Natural gas is supplied to Cambridge by Source Gas through a 10 inch transmission pipeline with an operating pressure of about 1,000 pounds per square inch. For more information call 308.345.6949

Pinpoint Communications out of Cambridge provides fiber-to-the-home throughout the community; it is a great asset for the City to have and promote. This technology is a fiber optic cable connection right to individual homes. These cable connections deliver a multitude of digital information including telephone, video, internet, date, ect. For more information call 308.697.3375.