Life is Good in Cambridge

Camrbidge is blessed in many ways. Our location which is mid-way between Denver and Omaha and the confluence of the Republican River and Medicine Creek in southwestern Nebraska appeals to tourists, new residents, and businesses. Verdant canopies of maple, ash and oak tress shade sturdy wood-sided homes in town that is known for a friendly, front-porch culture. Walkers, bicyclists, and runners enjoy trails winding through the park, across the creek and into charming neighborhoods.

A Good Place to Raise Kids...

In some ways Cambridge is the kind of town you see in black-and-white television reruns, where the paperboys sport broad, toothy grins and it's not uncommon to catch a whiff of baking bread on the breeze. At right around 1,100 residents, a population that has been maintaining and growing for nearly 100 years, it's small enough to be close-knit, but it's surprisingly cuttingedge in many ways.

How to Relocate

For more information on how to relocate to Cambridge contact the City Office at 308.697.3711 or