Economic Development

    Covid-19 Town Hall Meetings    

The Cambridge Economic Development Board is hosting a series of Town Hall meetings with businesses and residents of Cambridge to discuss Covid-19. 

Click this link to hear from each of our presenters during the April 3, 2020 meeting.

Tom Shoemaker, Pinpoint (0:00-6:30)
Mayor Dave Gunderson, City of Cambridge (6:30-12:30)
Greg Shepherd, Cambridge Public School (12:30-21:15)

Joshua R Hanson, Nebraska Dept of Labor (21:15-38:15)

Ashley Gerlock, Nebraska DED (38:15-52:00)
Derek Downer – SBA loans (52:00-58:17)

Jessica Fisher, Tri Valley Health System (58:17-1:10:10)

Mark’s Pharmacy, Mark McCurdy/Tom Shoemaker Closing Comments (1:10:10-1:17:45)

Click here for helpful DOL and ED links and information.  

Click on the links below to hear from each of our presenters during the March 25, 2020 meeting. 

Tom Shoemaker, Pinpoint 
Jessica Fisher, Tri Valley Health System
Kitt Callaway, Tri Valley Health System
Mark McCurdy, Mark’s Pharmacy
Greg Shepherd, Cambridge Public Schools
Mayor David Gunderson, City of Cambridge
Zach Nielsen, Cambridge Supermarket
Tom Shoemaker, Pinpoint

Be sure to check back for future meeting proceedings.


Photo of Cambridge Teacher Appreciation Luncheon 2017Cambridge is more than just the rural standard when it comes to economic growth. Working in Cambridge also brings the best aspects of living in a small town: zero commute, a low cost of living, plus a warm sense of community and high civic engagement. Folks here make the time to engage resources and community connections that truly make them happy!


Photo of a string of businesses in downtown Cambridge, NEFrom the high-tech Pinpoint headquarters to Nebraska Corn Processing's decision to locate its ethanol production business in Cambridge, and the Tri Valley Health System's recent expansion and remodel, Cambridge businesses are thriving in our dynamic rural setting. The business climate is strong—showing steady growth during the last two decades. Cambridge is, however, an agricultural community, first and foremost. So the business climate often echoes timing of tough turns in farming and ranching, as in some recent years. That's why diversification of businesses is important to this small but progressive community, with opportunities presented by technology business development, a 77-acre commercial and residential development area called Harvest Meadows, and a downtown revitalization project well under way. 

The long and short of it is this: If you are looking for the perfect place to start a new business, Cambridge just might be that place! Call 308-697-3711 for assistance.